Assisted Suicide Essay – Guide on How to Write Well

Assisted suicide is a topic that has garnered diverse views from people of all walks of life. Though it is not as heated as it was several years back yet, it still commands considerable attention. Perhaps the reason why the topic has failed to hit the mainstream is that there has been no major recent occurrence as of yet. Let’s find out the most useful assisted suicide essay topics and writing tips.

Assisted Suicide Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay on assisted suicide can sometimes be overwhelming. It requires lots of research, no doubt. But the main priority is to have a perfect understanding of your thesis statement. With this, you have set yourself on the right path. If your primary objective is to support a particular claim with regards to assisted suicide, then you have to stand on either side of the fence. But first, you have to pick a familiar topic. To make sure you get enough resources and information to assist with your essay writing, you should choose a topic that is researchable. Once done, the next step is to start writing

Here are some useful assisted suicide essay writing tips to get you started already

  • Ask relevant questions and provide answers yourself;
  • Do a thorough research work. Use as many resources as possible;
  • Start writing.

The Format for Writing Assisted Suicide Essay

As you know, every essay includes three sections – the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is best to start your essay with an attention-grabbing introduction and a stronger conclusion while the body paragraphs elaborate more on your facts and points.

Thesis Statement — Centerpiece of the Essay

Whatever the essay topic is, the writing itself has a central message. The points and facts used to support your argument will be the central message. A thesis statement is a sentence that tells your audience what the essay is about. It will serve as your guide whilst ensuring you don’t deviate from the main topic. There are steps to take to develop your thesis statement. These include asking a few questions such as

  • Are there moral and legal concerns about assisted suicide?
  • What are the major concerns of assisted suicide?
  • Where do medical experts stand on the debate on assisted suicide?
  • Why would anyone find assisted suicide as an alternative way to pass on?

Your thesis statement lies in the answers to your questions. Remember that the entire essay will be guided by this thesis.

Introduction: Your Guide Book

Assisted suicide introduction serves as a guidebook. It gives more insight into the topic and clearly outlines all the points and facts that will be presented. Keep in mind that the introduction should be 1/10 of the entire essay, and it should include the following

  • A brief intro to the subject matter;
  • The purpose of writing;
  • Introducing specific points that will be further discussed in the body.

Body Paragraph: Content of the Essay

The body paragraph tells the reader the purpose of the essay. It gives a detailed elaboration on the subject matters. In this section, you need to provide facts, statistics, and evidence to support your claim. That will further strengthen your viewpoints. If you cite any external sources in this section make sure to reference the original source.

The body of an assisted suicide essay may have as many body paragraphs to prove your claims. More importantly, each body paragraph should have one unique argument to analyze and don’t forget it must have a smooth, natural flow.

Conclusion: The Final Paragraph

Your conclusion provides a summary of every point raised in the body paragraph and therefore presents substantial facts to support the thesis. Don’t make the mistake of repeating words as seen in the body paragraphs. This section should be unique and should provide viewers with a clear sense of your standpoint.

Assisted Suicide Essay Topics and Ideas

Choosing the right topic is essential when it comes to essay writing. Here are some interesting assisted suicide essay topics to choose from

  • Should assisted suicide to be legalized?
  • An analysis of assisted suicide as illegal.
  • Is assisted Suicide right or wrong?
  • An Analysis of the Assisted Suicide and the passive euthanasia.
  • Do patients have the right to choose how to die?

Assisted Suicide Pros and Cons Essay

When it comes to death, modern medicine offers easy ways to pass out. This process is otherwise known as physician-assisted suicide (PAS). So what are the pros and cons of passing out based on one’s personal choice?

Pros and Cons Euthanasia Essay Topics:

  • Assisted suicide puts an end to an individual’s suffering and pain.
  • Patients pass out based on their personal decision.
  • Patients die in a dignified way.
  • Assisted suicide reduces medical expenses.
  • Assisted suicide gives healthcare professionals more time to spend on other patients with a high chance of living.
  • Do you agree that assisted suicide reduces suicide rates?
  • Assisted suicide contravenes the oath taken by the doctor prior to assuming office.
  • Does this kind of suicide gives no value to human life?
  • Do you agree that it goes against specific religious beliefs?
  • Families and healthcare practitioners may likely give up on a patient much easier.

Assisted Suicide Should be Legal Essay

Today, people are clamoring for support to allow physicians to help patients going through tremendous pain to hasten their death. However, this choice has to be made by the patient themselves. While some people are against this law, others are in support. By legalizing PAS, patients won’t have to undergo intolerable pain before they pass out.

This law will come in handy if a patient has been sidelined by unending pain with no hope of a cure in the future. Instead of watching the patient suffer, it is best to hasten his or her death. For such people, life is no longer a bed of roses rather it’s full of thorns and suffering. Regardless of the money set out to treat such individuals, many are doomed for life.

Check interesting topics ideas:

  • Do you agree that legalizing assisted suicide will put an end to the.sufferings of individuals who have lost hope of recovering?
  • Do you consider assisted suicide a murder?
  • Provide arguments for and against assisted suicide.
  • Research the differences in the assisted suicide law regulation.
  • Compared the attitude toward assisted suicide in Eastern and Western countries.

Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay: The Roles of Doctors

Physicians are responsible for carrying out assisted suicide. If the patients themselves request death to put an end to interminable pain and suffering they are passing through, the role of physician is not killing but performing his role to hasten the death of terminally ill patients. The primary role of a physician is to reduce or eliminate pain. Physicians are however implored to conduct a thorough patient assessment in question to see whether or not the ailment is still curable.

  • Should physicians feel bad after carrying out assisted suicide?
  • What is more humanistic for people with the incurable diseases: letting them die in a hospice or giving a helping hand for them to die faster?
  • Your beloved has cancer and says that he/she would rather die. What would you do?
  • Would you legalize euthanasia if having such an authority?
  • Do people asking a physician to kill their ill relatives do this to eliminate the pain of the person they love or for their own sake to get rid of the necessity to take care of the dying person?

Rely on the experience of our professionals — follow these guidelines and succeed in your specific writing.