Money-Back Guarantee

Doing our best, we strive to satisfy all the needs of our clients, supplying them with only top-quality academic works. After you decided to ask for our assistance, it might be good to look at our money back guarantee details to be sure of the reliability of our services. Informing people about such things is what guarantees comfortable work and absence of many possible problems.

Being supplied with impressive works in spite of short deadlines, our clients usually remain satisfied and don’t use this option. We offer our customers the ability to have their paper revised, making sure that each demand is met.

We want to assure you that your money will be returned if your case fits one from the list down below. We want to emphasize that only in some cases there is an opportunity to refund all the money spent.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    To cancel the order made accidentally contact our support team right away. We want to emphasize that you will not have a chance to get the full amount back in case we've already appointed a writer and started working on of your task; thus, it is better for you to fill the order form attentively and double-check it.
  2. A customer cancels their order before the writer is appointed
    Under such circumstances, you can get a 100 % refund. You are absolutely entitled to get a full refund if the writer has not begun doing your task.
  3. If there are some problems with choosing a qualified writer to complete your paper
    While constantly working on our team development, we still sometimes can find ourselves in a situation where all our highly qualified experts are busy with tasks; in such a case and we can’t find a writer for you, your order will be fully refunded.
  4. A bill settled twice
    This can happen only by mistake. If you pay double price for one order, contact the support team immediately. After that, you have to show us the copies of receipts and get your refund.

Partial refund

Cases described below allow you to get a partial refund:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseen circumstances. A partial refund can be influenced by various aspects. Therefore, we go over each particular matter on a case-by-case basis. But, sometimes it can be a result of the customer's carelessness. If the writer doesn't receive all the materials that are necessary for your task, the due date can be postponed. It's clear that under such circumstances a refund would be impossible. Make sure you don’t delay the sending of the needed materials as this step is extremely important for the proper completion of your paper.
  2. Our writer was assigned, but you decide to call off the order
    Here, you will get approximately 70% of the entire sum to cover writer's work with the rest. However, if more than half of time left to the deadline passed, you would get only 50% of the money back.
  3. Post-submission claim
    When you have some complaints regarding the result after receiving the order, the administration will investigate your case. In case your complaint is reasonable enough, you will be offered a refund. Despite the fact that most often our customers’ requirements are met, and they are happy with the works drafted by our professionals, we are ready to review all the feedback on our services to make them better.
  4. Plagiarism
    Any buyer, who has shown us the presence of plagiarism in the received paper is entitled to revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. In case the mark is lower than you have expected
    You can be sure that our writers do their best to provide our customers with only excellent works, but the mark you get for it consists of not only the written work itself but also of your presentation and the professor's ways of estimation.
  2. You requested proofreading, formatting or editing
    If you order services mentioned above, we can't alter the content. We aren't responsible for any claims regarding the content.

Money-back process

After your refund is confirmed, our service will fulfill it within five business days as from the confirmation date. Please, be aware that we can’t be held accountable for any possible problems caused by the third-party organizations managing your money transferring.

We provide our clients with the refund option only in cases when its amount is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, it is just impossible due to fees required for the money transaction. You could also get this sum on the personal account for future orders.