Good Opportunity Essay Topics for College and High School Students

You’re not alone if you are finding it hard to choose from a list of good opportunity essay topics. While some instructors would instead give students the freedom to choose a theme, others assign topics to each student. If you are given the opportunity to choose a topic on your own, then you are in luck.

Many students dread essay on an opportunity. But opportunity essay doesn’t have to be dreadful. One of the reasons why students find essay writing difficult is because they chose the wrong topic. The key to an enjoyable writing experience is selecting a topic that you’re passionate about. Of course, this is perhaps the simplest task, but it can make the entire writing process daunting especially if you choose the wrong opportunity essay topic. In other words, how much you enjoy writing an essay depends largely on the topic.

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a topic you’re most interested in and passionate about. If you pick a topic you’re interested in, your opportunity essay writing process will be rewarding.

When Topics Are Assigned

What if you don’t have the freedom to pick a topic that you love? What happens when opportunity essay topics are assigned? Well, some professors and instructors prefer assigning topics to students. In this case, you have no choice but to accept your fate. While this eliminates your burden of choice, the task can be a lot challenging when compared to choosing a topic on your own. Even if the issue is not what you hoped for, it is up to you to make the most out of it by bringing your creativity to work.

Your primary objective remains unchanged whether or not topics are assigned. Now is the time to prove your worth. Do not use colloquial languages; instead use friendly, engaging tone to keep readers glued to your piece. Every student will cherish the opportunity to choose a subject matter on their own, but what happens if you are assigned a topic? You just have to be prepared.

Tips on How to Make the Most Out Of Your Opportunity Essay

Opportunity essay doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Regardless of how clearly defined your ideas in the essay, all efforts will be futile if you fail to fulfill the expectation of your professor precisely. Follow these tips to get the most out of your essay writing

  • Your mindset is all that matters. If you see the opportunity essay as an assignment, then so be it. To get the most out of your writing task, you need 100 percent commitment and dedication. Think of the essay as a goal that must be accomplished no matter what and you’ll end up loving the piece.
  • Start writing ahead of time. You don’t want to put yourself under undue pressure. Give yourself enough time to research and think about the subject matter. That will make the writing process more enjoyable.
  • You need to set a goal for yourself. Break each writing process into mini-goals. Make sure you achieve each goal on or before the stated time. By doing this, you’ll experience significant progress and most likely complete the opportunity essay even before the deadline.

Opportunity Essay Topics List to Choose From

No college student can escape essay writing. It’s a hurdle you have to undertake. Obviously, your piece will be less engaging if you pick a topic that you shouldn’t. Don’t write a generic essay. Here is 30 opportunity essay topics list to choose from. Use one of them or create your unique theme.

  1. Opportunity never knocks twice.
  2. Your life chances and opportunity.
  3. Equal job opportunities for everyone.
  4. Success and preparation meeting opportunity.
  5. Opportunity in America: The role of tourism.
  6. Why America is the land of opportunity.
  7. Which career opportunities do students have after getting a degree?
  8. Is the number of opportunities limited for every person?
  9. Which opportunities have you lost in your life?
  10. Are university students provided with better job opportunities compared to college students?
  11. Do men and women have equal opportunities to get a high salary?
  12. Does every company employee have an opportunity to occupy a leading position?
  13. What are your chances to succeed in life if your parents have failed to do this?
  14. Do you believe that every person can change his/her life for the better?
  15. Does a well-written paper give an opportunity to improve the term score?
  16. Have you ever felt pity for the missed opportunities? Tell about them.
  17. The opportunities people get thanks to the technological progress.
  18. Which new opportunities do you expect in the future?
  19. Do you believe that God gives opportunities to change lives for the better many times, but people continue complaining about not seeing them?
  20. Which career opportunities will you have if knowing several foreign languages?
  21. What is the difference between a real opportunity and a possibility to change something?
  22. How can the development of robotics improve the life of the humankind?
  23. Which opportunities to stand out do you have when studying at a college?
  24. Do you believe that facing a problem you are immediately provided with opportunities to solve it?
  25. Is there any connection between opportunities and the financial status of a person?
  26. What are your chances to find a well-paid job just after the graduation?
  27. Which travel opportunities do you have using a scratch-off map?
  28. There are two types of people: some like challenges and opportunities while others don’t like taking risks. Which one do you belong to?
  29. How to know when you need to say “Yes” or “No” to a particular opportunity?
  30. Do all people get opportunities or only those who work hard and deserve some kind of reward?

But how do you know you’ve picked the wrong subject matter. The following tips will guide you:

  • Pick a subject matter that you enjoy. We can’t stress this enough.
  • Choose a topic you’re familiar with. If the topic looks ambiguous and you aren’t ready to pass through the rigorous process, then you should look for something else. You need to have a basic understanding of the subject matter otherwise it will be difficult to develop something tangible.
  • Going through a hard time picking from the list of opportunity essay topics? There are many resources that can help you. These include the internet, journals, academic papers, library, etc.
  • Another thing to consider is how relevant is your choice of topic. Your piece must have something unique to offer.
  • Narrow a broader topic down to specifics to cut down on time.
  • If you’re lost and don’t know what else to do, gather your friends with similar interest and brainstorm ideas. This way, you can bring to life fascinating topic ideas.
  • If you’re still stuck and running out of time, consult your academic instructor. That should be your last resort. Your professor will be glad to lend a helping hand. But first, you need to prove that you’ve done your homework right. Going empty-handed will make you seem like a lazy student.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ease your worries and choose one of the topics provided to succeed in your writing!