Sustainability Essay — Definition and Examples

Sustainability is a broad term and subject that talks about maintaining change that has to remain balanced. This term is usually related to such departments as business and environment. Business sustainability includes corporate culture, providing reliable products and establishing long-term profitability. Environmental sustainability discusses questions and decisions aimed at protecting the natural world and supporting human life.

An essay on sustainability should contain a message or a task that can be passed on the world. Your paper should include information about unexhausted life opportunities that can be followed by generations. Explore topics that discuss sustainability as a norm that aims at promoting practices that would make the life condition of the future generation better. Read the article and discover important topics that might impact your life.

How to Write a Sustainability Essay with Expert Tips

To write a successful essay on sustainability, you need to deliver clear and important information. Provide information remembering that some of your readers do not know about the topic. Start with background information, including literature and history review, and discuss current issues. Economic, social and environmental sustainability is a global topic. Your task is to focus on a particular issue and make your research valuable.

Your essay would be more specific and helpful if you discuss the list of countries that are the most populated rather than discussing environment in general. So if you are still not sure how to write a sustainability essay, begin with searching for the specific problem and looking for solutions. Analyze current issues. Provide data and statistics from relevant sources. Use science knowledge to educate your readers. Information from trustful sources will make the audience aware of natural disasters and diseases as well as ways to prevent them.

When writing an essay on sustainability, include sustainable design for the future. If you are writing an essay on the environmental topic, educate the readers on the relationship between humans and nature. Offer your own idea – a goal for better living conditions. If you cannot think of your own idea, take the already existing idea from a trustful source and provide your opinion. Agree with the idea that you can relate to and provide your own view of it.

Sustainability Essay Outline Guide

A well-structured paper is a successful paper. Papers that follow an outline will bring a higher score than poorly-organized assignments even if it consists of exciting information. Review the outline example and apply it in your paper.

  • Introduction. Define sustainability as the ability to meet environmental, economic, or social needs. Create a thesis statement and let the readers know what questions exactly you are going to discuss in your essay. Plan your paper according to the provided information in the introduction part.
  • Body. In the next three paragraphs of the body part, you should discuss current issues, present your opinion, and support the facts with evidence from reliable sources. For example, if you are talking about cultural sustainability, dedicate the first body paragraph to exploring tangible cultural elements like the importance of historic places, monuments, artifacts and intangible cultural elements such as traditional embroidery, music, or art techniques.
  • In the second body paragraph of your sustainability essay outline discuss how cultural sustainability can be promoted through education and communication. Give examples. Finally, provide relevant information about communication in different countries. Rely on UNESCO data to discuss interpersonal, group, mass, and global types of communication aimed at preserving cultural elements all over the world.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the essay with the methods that should be applied to cultural sustainability. Repeat the thesis to signify the topic. You can also give recommendations for civic engagement preserving the culture.

Top 10 Sustainability Essay Topics to Write About

  • Environmental Sustainable Living: methods and practice.
  • Environmental degradation.
  • The better life: Personal sustainability.
  • Food security sustainability.
  • Global Warming and Sustainable Energy.
  • Sustainable tourism in the developing world.
  • Impact of air quality on lifestyles and production methods.
  • Drought in Ethiopia and its consequences.
  • The problem of population growth.
  • Tobacco science.
  • Biological control of weeds.

These are the templates of essay topics on sustainability that have a significant role in the 21st century. Select one from the list above or browse for more topics and questions that you would like to research. Start working on your paper as early as possible since the topic is very wide and includes hundreds of subtopics that should be discussed.

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